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Free NAIC Buyers Guide To Fixed Indexed Annuities ~ Jeff McLeod


Hybrid Annuities Are Fixed Index Annuities 

Your state insurance commissioner regulates two annuities, fixed and variable. An Index 'hybrid' annuity is a fixed index annuity.

You'll receive a little known document published by your state insurance commissioners. This state insurance government guide is a regulatory document produced for the benefit of annuity consumers and does not endorse any company.

Complete the form above or the long form below to receive immediate access to the insurance departments document. Within a few days I will call to confirm you are a real person. After a 'real person' confirmation, we will email, one, two or three fixed index annuity brochures, income rider brochures and income quotes based on your goals.

Participation rates with no caps 

The participation rate decides how much of the increase in the index will be used to calculate index-linked interest. For example, if the calculated change in the index is 10% and the fixed indexed annuity participation rate is 70%, the index-linked interest rate for your fixed index annuity will be 7% (10% x 70% = 7%). A company may set a different participation rate for newly issued index annuities as often as each day. Therefore, the initial participation rate in your fixed annuity will depend on when it is issued by the company. The company usually guarantees the participation rate for a specific period (from one year to the entire term). When that period is over, the company sets a new participation rate for the next period.
Some fixed indexed annuities guarantee that the participation rate will never be set lower than a specified minimum or higher than a specified maximum.

21 Fixed Index Annuity Questions

The 21 questions listed in the insurance regulatory buyers guide may help you decide which type of annuity, if any, meets your retirement income planning and financial needs.

You should think about what your goals are for the money you may put into the fixed indexed annuity you choose.

-Does the fixed index annuity let me get money when I need it?

-What renewal rate is the company crediting on index annuity contracts of the same type issued last year?
-Does the initial rate include a Bonus rate and how much is the fixed index annuity Bonus?
These questions put you in control of the sales process, so complete the above form to receive 21 questions to ask when buying an index 'hybrid' annuity.

Is It Possible a Participation Rate with no cap could be a better Rate to Choose?

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An index annuity is different from other fixed annuities because of the way it credits interest to your annuity's value. Some fixed annuities only credit interest calculated at a rate set in the contract.

Other fixed annuities also credit interest at rates set from time to time by the insurance company.

Fixed indexed annuities credit interest using a formula based on changes in the index to which the annuity is linked. The formula decides how the additional interest, if any, is calculated and credited. How much additional index interest you get and when you get it depends on the features of your particular fixed indexed annuity.


hybrid annuities I will email 2 or 3 fixed index annuity brochures and income rider quotes, after a phone conversation.

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